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Remote Support NOW: . . and call me!

Laptop Cooling Pads of solid aluminum: Search web or for
coolmax mb-400
notepal cooler master
do NOT use a plastic one

Encryption for drives and file containers free from

Copier software from your scanner to your printer in 1 click, free iCarbon

XP Welcome Screen Loop fix: ref1 - pdf - ref2 - pdf
often requires booting from an operating system on CD like ERD, or use a windows disk to boot to command line and restore userinit.exe which is the most common cause (windows\system32\userinit.exe was deleted)

Start System Restore from Command Line in XP

Scan for Files: Where did all my space go?
windirstat for PC at
disk inventory x for Mac at

Windows 7: request the demo version by email

Test my Internet Speed:
Test my Internet Speed:

Online Backup: or
Free local backup software: BackupTime ( direct ) very old xp software

Can your PC run that game?

WebCam as free video recorder: and video streaming: Debut

RIGHT angle USB cable? Left angle? Verticle? or search custom usb, firewire, and more

External Drive Storage Format issues NTFS FAT32 or MAC

System Restore Windows 7: . coming
System Restore Windows Vista: . here
System Restore XP: here
System Restore XP (external): using ERD boot CD
System Restore XP (manual): use any bootable OS on CD

Remote control:
PC to PC: how to: RDC : VNC : Tunneling
PC to Mac: how to: coming
Mac to Mac: how to: coming
Mac to PC: Chicken of the VNC : RDC

Span monitors with Remote Desktop from PC:
Saving the /span option in the .rdp file:
span monitors:i:1
Saving the /f (fullscreen) option in the .rdp file
screen mode id:i:2
Just add to the bottom of the RDP file. local : source

Dual boot Windows Vista and XP:
XP first
(best) : Vista first (not great)

Dual boot Windows Vista: chose default OS in Vista boot loader: BCDedit by hand, or EasyBCD GUI

Dual boot Windows XP and GOS,Ubuntu,Linus)
XP first (best)

Partitioning : Partitino Majic boot CD : Vista boot DVD : inside Vista : GParted boot CD (not great)

Dynamic DNS:
hosting at home, remoting home

Solid State Drives: SSD SLC and MLC: expensive for now

How to use your computer: coming

How to keep your computer CLEAN and healthy: Homework

How to use your laptop: coming

Windows Vista : coming

Fixes in general: coming

LSP Fix: get it at ONLY if you know what you're doing

SWANN PC DVR internet camera browser setting changes: link

Outlook 2002: address book repair - delete near EMAIL ACCOUNTS under directory services.

CPU Temp

Fax Services: free faxing

XP has a built in Fax Service that most don't know about, it works, and its free. AND... almost no one has XP anymore.

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